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Waterfall Tour

Unlike the previous visit this time we will invite you to adventure to visit the beautiful river river decorated with waterfalls.
First we start with the TEGENUNGAN waterfall which is located in the saturated village of Gianyar Bali. This waterfall has a height of about 40 meters which can only be traversed by footpaths and through stairs which number around 250 in total.
Along the flow of the river you can see a pile of small stone plates that resemble pyramids. This decoration is built by local residents or foreign tourists who travel to this place to beautify the Tegenungan waterfall tour. Here it allows you to take a bath and swim, bring swimming gear or change clothes if you want to enjoy the fresh waterfall of this place.
Our second visit was the KANTOLAMPO waterfall, located in a village just north of the city of Gianyar called Beng village, a beautiful waterfall and undulating like steps from rocks. This waterfall has a height of about 15 meters facing east.
And our third visit shifted slightly north towards Apuan Susut Bangli village. This place is famous for the waterfall called TIBUMANA waterfall, is a twin waterfall that has two adjoining rivers. But during the dry season there is only one river flow that falls into a waterfall. This waterfall falls in a pond that is not too deep so it is safe when tourists bathe and soak under it.

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