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Jatiluih Bedugul Tour

Starting from the hotel, we head west of the island of Bali to the JATILUIH village, this village is a very remote village located in the foothills of the mountain Batukaru, Penebel village, Tabanan regency, Bali. The village has an altitude of 700 - 800 meters above sea level, this village has a view of Rice Terrace rice fields that are so vast and beautiful where the population around this place is 90 percent of rice farmers. This village is also protected by the Unesco world association since 2012. Slightly shifting from that place we will visit the koffi garden and see firsthand how koffie processing becomes ready-to-drink koffies for drinking. They also have a mainstay product which is koffie luwak, a koffie that comes from koffie seeds from civet night manure.

After that we continue our journey up to the village of BEDUGUL which is famous for the traditional market called YELLOW TEMPLE MARKET, stepping a little west we visit the Hindu holy place called PURA ULUNDANU BRATAN. This temple was built around 1634 BC. This temple is famous on the outskirts of Lake Bratan which has a depth of about 50 meters and an area of about 3.8 square kilometers.
Around this place stands the holy place of Buddhism and Muslims. The residents there are very harmonious living side by side with each other.

Travel back to our hotel to Bongkasa village, you can enjoy the swing tour (BALI SWING)

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